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Binaries: e Mule-0.50a-Morph XT-v12.6Sources: e Mule-0.50a-Morph XT-v12.6e Mule Wiki: Category: Morph XT-Features German Morph Support ----------------------------------------------------------------------------CHANGE: Use owner-drawn push buttons in Transfer Wnd and Search Wnd [ied/Stulle] fixes weird borders when compiling with VS10 Category tab display on XP for VS10 [Stulle]FIX: Search and logs tabs (CClosable Tab) display on XP for VS10 [Stulle]FIX: (Hopefully) Error causing flushed data to be lost on restart [Stulle]FIX: Require Obfuscation for Servers Setting not applied in 1st-time-Wizard [Stulle] -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------CHANGE: Increased space for displaying number of clients on queue [Stulle]CHANGE: Place news feeds dir in config base dir instead of executable dir [Stulle]CHANGE: Rewrote drawing code of Server List Ctrl like official in other lists [Stulle] fixes some bugs (e.g.auto resize on dbl click) and adds functionality FIX: not showing before "All Directories" in Shared Dirs Tree Ctrl [Stulle] rewrote passing of params for inserting the item for VS10FIX: Server icon not drawn in Server Wnd Ctrl [Stulle]FIX: Compilation of zlib and IP2Country on Visual Studio 2003 SP1 [Stulle]FIX: Display errors around Category tabs/buttons on Windows XP [Stulle]FIX: Display errors around closeable (search result) tabs on Windows XP [Stulle]FIX: Possible crash around Equal Chances For Each file in Upload List Ctrl [Stulle]FIX: Part File Flush Thread was not terminated properly in all cases [Wi Za Rd]FIX: Sorting of score column in Download Clients Ctrl was partially broken [Tim Dzang]FIX: Collection double extension fix was rendered useless [CB]FIX: Possible bug around Flush Buffers Exception Handler(CFile Exception* error) [Wi Za Rd]FIX: Connection Wizard did not start after being selected in 1st Time Wizard [Stulle]REMOVED: Official ul/dl ratio restrictions (entirely handled by ZZ ratio now) [Stulle] -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------ADD: Visual Studio 2010 project files and solution [Stulle]ADD: Display check mark next to currently assigned category [Stulle]CHANGE: update cryptolib Version 5.6.0 (3/15/2009) [Stulle]CHANGE: update pugxml.h ( Article.aspx) [JCrane2/tychen] CHANGE: update zlib 1.2.5 [Stulle]CHANGE: update libpng 1.4.3 [Stulle] CHANGE: Rename CMem DC to CMemory DC [Avi-3k]CHANGE: Some other minor changes to compile on VS 2010CHANGE: Rewrote the passing of params for drawing country flags to work in VS10 [Stulle] bug in VS10 MFC; fixed code not only for VS10, used in all solutions CHANGE: Also sort a Mule for mods (if availablel) [Stulle]CHANGE: Added additional wait time and security checks for flush threads on exit [Wi Za Rd] possible crashfix FIX: Sorting of client status (QR,...) to make sense at last [Stulle]FIX: Crash on shutdown in ipfilter [Xman]FIX: Force periodic updates was reset to previous state on applying [Stulle/thx Hiwi]FIX: Download from http sources (e.g.Now click ' Enable' to start the MLDonkey service.Once you see the status becomes ' Enabled' you may continue to the next step.MLDonkey is a door to the e Mule world (also known as e Donkey), a multi-network, multi-platform open source P2P application used to exchange big files on the Internet and present most features of the basic Windows donkey client and additionally supports Overnet, Fasttrack, Direct Connect P2P (based on HUBs) and BT protocol. Go to ' Application' ' QPKG' and click ' Get QPKG' to get a list of currently available software packages.Below is the installation guide for MLDonkey on QNAP NAS via QPKG software package and a basic usage to get you started right away. Choose the link that matches your NAS model to download the appropriate file.Once downloaded first unzip the file archive then go to ' Application' - ' QPKG' and install the file the same way as if you were updating the system firmware.

It is developed as a hobby and aims to make no profit. For more information on e Mule and its team of developers visit

e Mule-0.46c-Web Cache-2.0a-Beta1e Mule-0.46c-Web Cache-2.0a-Beta1Mehr ber die Funktionen von Web Cache FAQ (klick) e Mule 0.46c Webcache 2.0a BETA1 - ported to e Mule v0.46c, updated the libraries. Default is 30%, the setting is updated from our webcache database when automatic updating is enabled ADDED: Superlexx: a client that is requesting OHCBs for a file is automatically added as a source CHANGED: Superlexx: COt N (cache only the need) disabled for this build because of a bug that prevents clients from creating proxy sources FIXED: JP/Superlexx: several bugfixes, thx to our testers e Mule Web Cache 1.9a Beta1 ------------------- ADDED: JP: per-file Web Cache transfer statistics; show Web Cache version in the splash screen, log and window title; the client counter in the download window now says "Webcache capable" ADDED: JP/Superlexx: Cot N: Web Cache download success rate is now taken into account when deciding whether to download via proxy; e.g.

- deactivated the proxy list updating for now (server-side needs a new hosting, client-side needs a partial recode) - removed the AICH event logging option - memleak fixed in CUp Down Client:: Create MFRPacket() ([email protected] Za Rd) - fixed verbose log spamming when an HTTP source was present ([email protected]_he for reporting) - the code has been Web Cache-tagged more throughfully for easier porting next time, the tag count calculation is easier to maintain now - updated the Web Cache code to the recent Peer Cache code - a few minor changes e Mule Web Cache 1.9a Beta3 ------------------- FIXED: Superlexx: error message when receiving OHCBs for a known file which is not a part file corrected FIXED: Superlexx: the multi-file-requests now expire after one hour FIXED: Superlexx: caches Local was set wrong when us e Mule Web Cache 1.9a Beta2 ------------------- ADDED: JB/Superlexx: trust Level, the percentage of successful OHCB requests a client must reach to be trusted after we tried to download 50 of his OHCBs; called webcache Trust Level in

Please remember this guide will be updated regularly (mostly on the forums) so check back from time to time. Introduction to e Mule, e D2K and Kademlia Networks 2.1. Whereas the e D2K Network requires you to connect to servers, Kademlia is a serverless network.

I hope you enjoy reading this guide and I won't waste any more of your time just ranting on! Well, it's serverless to the degree that you wont have to download a massive server list and keep it up to date to use it.

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This was how the "great tradition" of canonical Buddhism came to be complemented by the "small tradition" of popular Buddhism consisting of the rituals and ceremonies discussed in this booklet.

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Qatari foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, speaking during an interview with the Associated Press, repeatedly denied his country funded extremists and rejected the idea of shutting down its Al-Jazeera satellite news network.

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The typical complaint, however, seemed to be that users were forwarding OKCupid emails without realizing that they were also handing over the keys to their accounts: When I got my first "login instantly" email, I didn't realize that "instantly" meant without having to enter a password, and I never tested it.

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US Customs, the Canadian Mounted Police, Australian Federal Police and Interpol are also involved.