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*********************************************************************** ATL. Atlanta Hawks Total 13/13 Game 12/12 CAP 1/1 90 - Joe Johnson (SG/PG) [CAPTAIN] 87 - Josh Smith (PF) 83 - Mike Bibby (PG) 83 Al Horford (C/PF) 79 - Marvin Williams (SF/PF) 79 - Josh Childress (SF/SG) 75 - Zaza Pachulia (C) 74 Speedy Claxton (PG) 72 Acie Law (PG) 71 - Salim Stoudamire (SG/PG) 68 Mario West (SG) (ADDED IN ONLINE DOWNLOAD) 68 Jeremy Richardson (SF/SG) (CREATED PLAYER) 66 Solomon Jones (PF/C) LINEUP C Al Horford (31) PF Josh Smith (35) SF Marvin Williams (34) SG Joe Johnson (41) PG Mike Bibby (34) Bench SF Josh Childress (30) C Zaza Pachulia (15) PG Acie Law (10) SG Salim Stoudamire (6) SG Mario West (4) PF Solomon Jones (0) SF Jeremy Richardson (0) IR PG Speedy Claxton (INJURED, OUT FOR SEASON) PLAYOFFS C Al Horford (40) PF Josh Smith (34) SF Marvin Williams (28) SG Joe Johnson (39) PG Mike Bibby (36) Bench SF Josh Childress (29) C Zaza Pachulia (15) PG Acie Law (9) SG Salim Stoudamire (5) PF Solomon Jones (4) SG Mario West (1) SF Jeremy Richardson (0) IR PG Speedy Claxton (INJURED) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Joe Johnson VITALS/GENERAL Height: 67 Weight: 235 Build: Normal Muscle Tone: Buff Hand: Right College: Arkansas Years Pro: 7 Age: 26 Jersey Number: 2 Personality: Laid Back Position: SG 2nd Pos: PG ACCESSORIES Headband: None L Arm Band: None R Arm Band: None L Elbow Pad: Team Band R Elbow Pad: None L Wrist Band: Wht Rubberband R Wrist Band: Wht Rubberband L Knee Pad: None R Knee Pad: None Sock Length: Short H Sock Color: White A Sock Color: Black SHOES Shoe Manuf: Jordan Shoe Style: Air Jordan XX2 PE Shoe Color: Air Jordan XX2 PE ATTRIBUTES Overall 90 (up from 89) Close 92 (down from 94) Med 89 3pt 83 FT 83 (up from 75) Layup 86 Dunk 73 (down from 76) Handle 86 (up from 85) Pass 74 (up from 67) Post Off 78 Post Def 70 Block 54 (up from 53) Steal 64 Reb Off 65 (up from 63) Reb Def 62 (up from 60) Speed 85 Stam 99 (up from 95) Dur 95 Def Awr 78 Off Awr 92 (down from 93) Potential 86 (up from 83) Strength 71 Vertical 80 Off Dribble 89 In Traffic 94 Quickness 86 Hustle 71 Hands 87 Ball Defense 78 Standing Dunk 60 (down from 75) Playing Time 38 TENDENCIES Shot Tendency 80 (down from 85) Close Tendency 65 Med Tendency 80 (up from 75) 3pt Tendency 50 Drive Tendency 63 Dunk Tendency 20 (down from 55) Back To Basket 50 Triple Threat 80 Fadeaway 75 Hook Shot 50 Putback 16 Flashy Pass 24 Foul 30 Pass Interception 20 On Ball Steal 26 Contested Shot 8 SIGNATURE Jumper: J. Smith Dunk: Flashy Guard Post: Athletic FT: Clean Iso: Skilled 2 AWARDS/RECOGNITION Ho F Monitor: 58 All-Rookie Second Team: 1 (2005) Slam Dunk Champ: 1 (2005) Playoff Experience: First Round 1x (7 games, 15.7 ppg) Current Team: Hawks (307) LINKS

Search for either the players name, or the teams abbreviation listed in the Table of Contents. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Josh Smith VITALS/GENERAL Height: 69 Weight: 235 Build: Normal Muscle Tone: Buff Hand: Left College: Oak Hill Academy (HS) Years Pro: 4 Age: 22 Jersey Number: 5 Personality: Unpredictable Position: PF (from SF) 2nd Pos: SF (from SG) ACCESSORIES Headband: Headband 1 L Arm Band: None R Arm Band: None L Elbow Pad: Team Band R Elbow Pad: None L Wrist Band: None R Wrist Band: None L Knee Pad: None R Knee Pad: None Sock Length: Medium H Sock Color: White A Sock Color: Black SHOES Shoe Manuf: Adidas Shoe Style: TS Pro Model T-Mac Shoe Color: Red ATTRIBUTES Overall 87 (up from 84) Close 82 (up from 79) Med 68 (down from 73) 3pt 71 (up from 70) FT 71 (up from 69) Layup 82 Dunk 99 Handle 76 Pass 63 (up from 62) Post Off 77 Post Def 82 (up from 75) Block 92 Steal 85 (up from 78) Reb Off 77 Reb Def 84 (up from 82) Speed 79 Stam 90 Dur 90 (up from 80) Def Awr 91 (up from 90) Off Awr 81 (down from 83) Potential 80 (up from 77) Strength 72 Vertical 99 Off Dribble 79 In Traffic 83 Quickness 81 Hustle 89 Hands 73 Ball Defense 80 Standing Dunk 80 (down from 99) Playing Time 34 TENDENCIES Shot Tendency 68 Close Tendency 60 Med Tendency 45 (down from 50) 3pt Tendency 12 (down from 22) Drive Tendency 55 Dunk Tendency 75 Back To Basket 30 Triple Threat 55 Fadeaway 50 Hook Shot 30 Putback 48 Flashy Pass 14 Foul 52 Pass Interception 40 On Ball Steal 36 Contested Shot 84 SIGNATURE Jumper: J.

The FIFA series also included this feature in the previous two iterations.

Players could grade their teammates on their sportsmanship, if they hogged the ball too much, or were simply not very good.

64 MB (360): .00 256 MB (360): .00 512 MB (360): .00 Priority Mail: Add .00 MEMORY CARD BUYBACK If you only need the rosters and not a memory card, send the memory card back to me I will refund you .00. Capcom 2 Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Deception, and Shaolin Monks Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Soul Caliber 2 and 3 Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection Street Fighter Alpha: Anthology Tekken 4, 5, and Tag Tournament For additional info on my offers, e-mail [email protected]*********************************************************************** TABLE OF CONTENTS I.

Johnson Dunk: Generic Post: Agile FT: Bounce Iso: Elite 1 AWARDS/RECOGNITION Ho F Monitor: 80 All-Star selections: 2 (2007-2008) All-Rookie Second Team: 1 (2002) Playoff Experience: Conference Finals 1x, First Round 2x (22 games, 15.5 ppg) Former Teams: Celtics (48), Suns (275) Current Team: Hawks (222) LINKS

For example, if a player was on a hot streak that week, the player's ratings would go up, and the opposite would occur if they were struggling.

The updates also accounted for trades in-season, as well as injuries that happened during the season.

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Along with improved menus and fixes to glitches the previous year, NBA 2K9 featured "Team Up" where up to 10 players could face against each other online at the same time.

------------------ Back by popular demand, the nets premier roster editor Rashidi is making his NBA 2K8 roster file available to the public! I am currently working on an MLB 2K8 Roster with all name changes included!

My rosters have even been used by NBA Player SHANE BATTIER! USPS Standard: .00 (2-9 business days) USPS Priority: .00 (2-3 business days) BUY A MEMORY CARD W/ROSTER UPLOADED! If you would like to help me work on this, e-mail [email protected] also have PS2 Fighting Game Files! SNK 2 Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore Def Jam Vendetta Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 1, 2, and 3 Fight Night: Round 3 King of Fighters 2006 Marvel vs.

Im pretty sure Madden came out with a roster update right when the game came out and constantly updates every day or so to stay with whats trending around the league.

I do understand that they need to get authorization from the NBA and NBPA about player signings but still, they are a video game company trying to produce the most realistic game.

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The information which appears on this site is subject to change at any time.

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(After you complete Virtual Earthquake, check out the Geology Labs On-Line home page for the latest information about project activities.