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Gentoo describes itself as a meta-distribution because of its adaptability, in that the majority of users have configurations and sets of installed programs which are unique to themselves.

Gentoo Linux was initially created by Daniel Robbins as the Enoch Linux distribution.

I've run Gentoo (fairly recently) on a Pentium 233MHz with only 64MB of RAM.

I wiped out my nascent gentoo install and started over from scratch with the default AMD64 profile.The goal was to create a distribution without precompiled binaries that was tuned to the hardware and only included required programs.Daniel Robbins and the other contributors experimented with a fork of GCC known as EGCS developed by Cygnus Solutions.(kde-base/libkexiv2-4.13.1::gentoo, binary scheduled for merge) causes rebuilds for: (media-plugins/kipi-plugins-3.5.0::gentoo, binary scheduled for merge) (media-gfx/digikam-3.5.0::gentoo, binary scheduled for merge) (kde-base/marble-4.13.1::gentoo, binary scheduled for merge) causes rebuilds for: (media-gfx/digikam-3.5.0::gentoo, binary scheduled for merge) (kde-base/libkdcraw-4.13.1::gentoo, binary scheduled for merge) causes rebuilds for: (media-plugins/kipi-plugins-3.5.0::gentoo, binary scheduled for merge) (media-gfx/digikam-3.5.0::gentoo, binary scheduled for merge)[binary U ] sys-libs/timezone-data-2014a [2013d][binary N ] dev-libs/xapian-1.2.14 USE="brass chert inmemory sse sse2 -doc -static-libs" [binary U ] dev-libs/icu-51.2-r2 [51.2-r1] ABI_X86="(64%) (-32) (-x32)" [binary U ] sys-apps/kmod-17 [16] USE="-python%" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7% -python3_2% -python3_3% (-python3_4)" [binary U ] x11-libs/lib Xfont-1.4.8 [1.4.7][binary U ] sys-libs/libcap-2.22-r2 [2.22] ABI_X86="(64%) (-32) (-x32)" [binary U ] sys-libs/ncurses-5.9-r3 [5.9-r2] ABI_X86="(64%) (-32) (-x32)" [binary U ] dev-lang/python-2.7.6 [2.7.5-r3][binary U ] dev-libs/libxml2-2.9.1-r4 [2.9.1-r1] ABI_X86="(64%) (-32) (-x32)" PYTHON_TARGETS="(-python3_4)" [binary U ] app-admin/eselect-ctags-1.16 [1.15][binary U ] sys-apps/util-linux-2.24.1-r2 [2.22.2] USE="bash-completion% pam%* -caps% -cytune% -fdformat% -python% -tty-helpers%" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python2_7%* -python3_2% -python3_3% (-python3_4)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7%* -python3_2% -python3_3% (-python3_4)" [binary U ] media-gfx/sane-backends-1.0.24-r3 [1.0.24-r1] SANE_BACKENDS="-canon_pp* -hpsj5s* -mustek_pp*" [binary R ] media-libs/libsdl-1.2.15-r4 USE="sound%* (-audio%)" [binary U ] media-sound/mpg123-1.18.1 [1.15.4] ABI_X86="(64%) (-32) (-x32)" [ebuild U ] app-office/akonadi-server-1.12.1-r1 [1.11.0] USE="soprano%" [binary U ] media-gfx/imagemagick- [][binary U ] www-client/chromium-35.0.1916.114-r1 [34.0.1847.132][binary U ] www-plugins/chrome-binary-plugins-35.0.1916.114_p1 [34.0.1847.132_p1][binary U ] kde-base/kdelibs-4.13.1 [4.12.5] USE="-nepomuk%" [binary U ] kde-base/kfmclient-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/katepart-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdesu-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/khelpcenter-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kde-l10n-4.13.1 [4.12.5] LINGUAS="-id%" [binary U ] kde-base/kdepimlibs-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/libkonq-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kactivities-4.13.1 [4.12.5] USE="-nepomuk%" [binary r U ] kde-base/libkexiv2-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/libkcddb-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary r U ] kde-base/libkdcraw-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary N ] kde-base/kfilemetadata-4.13.1 USE="exif ffmpeg pdf (-aqua) -debug -epub -mobi -taglib" [binary U ] kde-base/libkcompactdisc-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/libkipi-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/libksane-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary r U ] kde-base/marble-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kurifilter-plugins-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/knotify-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/ktimezoned-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kcmshell-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/phonon-kde-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/zeroconf-ioslave-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdialog-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kde-wallpapers-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/svgpart-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kwalletmanager-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kreadconfig-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/krosspython-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kuiserver-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kfile-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdebase-menu-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kstart-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdebugdialog-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kioclient-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kiconfinder-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/keditfiletype-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kimgio-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/attica-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/knetattach-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdontchangethehostname-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kpasswdserver-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kwalletd-4.13.1 [4.12.5] USE="-gpg%" [binary U ] kde-base/renamedlg-plugins-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kglobalaccel-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdebase-menu-icons-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdebase-desktoptheme-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kquitapp-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kmimetypefinder-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/knewstuff-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/ktraderclient-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kcalc-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdenetwork-filesharing-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kremotecontrol-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kamera-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/ksystemlog-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kcolorchooser-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/ksnapshot-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kolourpaint-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kcron-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdeartwork-emoticons-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdeartwork-desktopthemes-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdeartwork-iconthemes-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kruler-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/okular-4.13.1 [4.12.5] USE="-dpi%" [binary U ] kde-base/kmix-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kgamma-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdepim-l10n-4.13.1 [4.12.5] LINGUAS="-id%" [binary U ] kde-base/kwrite-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdeartwork-colorschemes-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdegraphics-mobipocket-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/krdc-4.13.1-r1 [4.12.5][ebuild U ] www-plugins/adobe-flash- [][binary U ] kde-base/kcharselect-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/print-manager-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/sweeper-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/filelight-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdf-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/pykde4-4.13.1 [4.12.5] USE="-akonadi% -nepomuk%" [binary U ] kde-base/kdebase-kioslaves-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kfind-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/plasma-runtime-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdepasswd-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdepim-icons-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/libplasmaclock-4.11.9-r1 [4.11.9] USE="kdepim%" [binary U ] kde-base/audiocd-kio-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/keditbookmarks-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/drkonqi-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdebase-data-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kgpg-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kate-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/ksaneplugin-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/konsole-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kopete-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/ark-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/plasma-apps-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kabcclient-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kuser-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kscd-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/plasma-workspace-4.11.9-r1 [4.11.9] USE="kdepim%* -nepomuk%" [binary U ] kde-base/ffmpegthumbs-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdepim-runtime-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/thumbnailers-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary r R ] media-plugins/kipi-plugins-3.5.0 [binary U ] kde-base/kcontrol-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/systemsettings-4.11.9-r1 [4.11.9] USE="-nepomuk%" [binary U ] kde-base/mplayerthumbs-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] net-p2p/ktorrent-4.3.1-r1 [4.3.1][binary U ] kde-base/kdeartwork-styles-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdeartwork-kscreensaver-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] media-sound/amarok-2.8.0-r2 [2.8.0] USE="-nepomuk%" LINGUAS="-pa%" [binary U ] kde-base/konqueror-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary r R ] media-gfx/digikam-3.5.0 [binary U ] kde-base/kdeplasma-addons-4.13.1 [4.12.5] USE="kdepim%* -nepomuk%" [binary U ] kde-base/solid-runtime-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdebase-runtime-meta-4.13.1 [4.12.5] USE="crash-reporter%* -nepomuk%" [binary N ] kde-base/baloo-4.13.1 USE="alternatekcm (-aqua) -debug" [binary N ] kde-misc/baloo-kcmadv-20 USE="(-aqua)" [uninstall ] kde-base/nepomuk-4.12.5 [blocks b ] <kde-base/nepomuk-4.12.50 ("<kde-base/nepomuk-4.12.50" is blocking kde-base/baloo-4.13.1) [binary U ] kde-base/kdepim-common-libs-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary N ] kde-base/baloo-widgets-4.13.1 USE="(-aqua) -debug" [binary U ] kde-base/gwenview-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kontact-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/konsolekalendar-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/dolphin-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/calendarjanitor-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kdepim-kresources-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kleopatra-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kalarm-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/akonadiconsole-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kaddressbook-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/korganizer-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kjots-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/knotes-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/akregator-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/kmail-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] kde-base/contactthemeeditor-4.13.1 [4.12.5][binary U ] sys-apps/calculate-lib-3.1.9-r14 [3.1.9-r13][binary U ] sys-apps/calculate-lib-2.2.31-r5 [2.2.31-r4][binary U ] sys-apps/calculate-utilities-2.2.31-r30 [2.2.31-r29][binary U ] sys-apps/calculate-install-3.1.9-r13 [3.1.9-r12][binary U ] sys-apps/calculate-utilities-3.1.9-r31 [3.1.9-r29] Use --autounmask-write to write changes to config files (honoring CONFIG_PROTECT).Gentoo Linux is perhaps the most-used source-based Linux distribution.

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Contact the Commission at Flood [email protected] and you can follow it on twitter @Flood Commission I've just spotted a type of flood barrrier that can be made to emerge from a paved area to proptect property and then lowered again when not needed.

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May Internet come to help, with its communication and social services?

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