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Why do you think, one legged male athletes out there in the world are dating the most beautiful and intelligent women? The character and strength of a person with this imperfection and the ability to actually not mind it and stay confident makes him incredibly attractive. You’ll seem very genuine and very attractive and people really gravitate to that. Your bald head doesn’t have anything to do with you being attractive. The question is: Are you willing to follow this process and work hard on becoming attractive bald man? Contrary to that, going bald is not something that you can control. I have gotten ridiculous fit by being in the gym 6 days a week, working 12-14 hour days trying to get ahead in life but I still feel like I am less of a man. Anyway, check that book out Paul, read it and let me know what you think.

Can bald succeed in this world full of so called perfect looking people with hair? When something becomes too perfect, or unreal, it loses it’s soul and attractiveness. Leave perfect to those unattractive and boring ones. I still find low days where I blame my balding and being 5’6 for issues in my life though. It really messes with your head and I have been on this rollercoaster of emotions struggling to come to terms with it. But you can certainly be attractive to beautiful women!

For those youngest bald men out there who are going bald way too early – in their teens and early twenties, I created these video series with articles to help them put things into the proper perspective. Going bald too young series: Going bald too young – part 1 Going bald too young – part 2 Going bald too young – part 3 Going bald too young – part 4 Going bald too young – part 5 Becoming attractive bald man is a process. I developed this unconventional confidence for attractive bald man series that proved to work for me when I really needed it as a young balding man. Join me on this confidence building journey soon to be very confident attractive bald man. That one day that I can look back at this present moment and laugh at how ridiculous I am being. That will open your imagination what’s possible for bald man!

Confidence for attractive bald man series: Confidence for attractive bald man – part 1 Confidence for attractive bald man – part 2 Confidence for attractive bald man – part 3 Confidence for attractive bald man – part 4 Confidence for attractive bald man – part 5 Confidence for attractive bald man – part 6 Confidence for attractive bald man – part 7 Confidence for attractive bald man – part 8 Confidence for attractive bald mam – part 9 Confidence for attractive bald man – part 10 Bald attractive man earns his confidence Confidence for attractive bald man – ignore everybody Confidence for attractive bald man – like yourself Confidence for attractive bald man – evil eye principle Bald men can become very attractive men. If you can raise above this beauty flaw and do what is required to become bald and very attractive man, your attractiveness doubles. I mean we only have one chance in life to make something of ourselves guys. Paul I want you to check this guy out: Neil Strauss.

Doctors told him that the medications (forgot the name) have side effects such as temporary erectile dysfunction, abnormal ejaculation, a possibility of being diagnosed with male breast cancer, may not be able to get kids, may cause cancer in other locations (forgot which ones), headaches, dizziness and some cases have been reported to have "permanent erectile dysfunction".

I advised him not to take ANY medication and to let it happen.

I personally call BS because I've seen guys with thinning hair and bald guys who get amazing girls, have muscular bodies and aren't seen as "weird".Girls: Would you ever date a guy in his 20's who has thinning hair, knowing that he will go bald in 3-4 years?Keep in mind he is muscular, he is 5'8 and has money (Not rich but has enough money for his age).So thats it, us young balding college kids can only get some lucky one night stands and never get a girlfriend.The only thing a kid with hairloss can due is get one night stands because luckily you will go out with a hat on, bring the girl back to your room and make sure it is very dark so she dosen't see my hair loss. I have always thought how the eff is any girl going to be interested in me with my balding head and still think that now yet I know that I could and should have had more girls/relationships if I did not think like that.

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It’s only normal to be anxious when you’re putting yourself out there. You’ll be fine and be able to talk with lots of other callers who share your passions.

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It's been three dates and the boy still hasn't gone in for a kiss, so the girl is hoping that today is her ... Help them keep their love secret as they kiss up a storm and train for th...

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Local rapper Luke Skyywalker (Luther Campbell) gave The 2 Live Crew a record deal and worked as the group's manager and then lead vocalist.